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Hey there!


We're Darks Common Underground, a kinda folky-indie band from the Blue Mountains in Australia.


We're really excited to be releasing our new album on 2nd July, but unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, we can't play a live show to launch it.


So, what do we do? Well, we've decided to film a 30 minute performance in the beautiful Blue Mountains, and will stream it for you FOR FREE


The show will feature the full band with a couple of special guests, and will be and will be a full HD stream (so chuck it up on your TV with the volume up loud!).


The stream will go live on Thursday 9 July at 8:30pm AEST (11:30am UK, 6:30am USA EDT), and if you can't make it for that, it will be available on demand shortly after.


So, to get your free performance streamed straight to your living room (or wherever else you may be) please subscribe with your email address below, and we will send you a link to the stream as soon as its available.

The lineup will be:

Daniel Holdsworth (guitars / vocals)
Janine de Barse (keys / vocals)
Paul Griffiths (bass / vocals)
Nathan Carr (drums / vocals)
Tom Bamford (guitars)
Ben Pattinson (accordion)

Stay safe, and hope to see you online at the launch!


Lots of love,


Friends of DCU receive exclusive material, early access to new releases and much more! 


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